Texting while driving…

My drive to work is less than 10 min. This morning as I noticed a person texting while driving on my street ( that almost hit me )… I started paying attention to passing drivers. During my approximate 8 minute drive today, I saw 5 people texting while driving, and that is what I saw…I couldn’t look at everyone so I am wondering how many there actually were. There is so much technology out there that allows people that NEED to talk while driving to do it safely. I think we all fall under the “it won’t happen to me” assumption. I am sure the people that have accidents – due to this – were also under that assumption. I wish everyone would take a minute and educate themselves on the dangers – not only to themselves – but to other motorists and pedestrians.  Your children are watching, don’t let them repeat your mistakes, we used to drive without cell phones at all, and it was OK.

Here are some links to educate yourselves and others:





Ford has come out with wonderful technology that allows motorists to safely use devices while driving, and to stop people from doing unsafe driving practices, here are some links:




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