Freestore Foodbank

We are a Freestore Foodbank destination this year!

Through the Ford Quicklane Bowl promotion.

Donate an unopened non perishable food item or cash at the Walt Sweeney Ford location at 5400 Glenway Ave, Cincinnati Ohio 45238 513-922-4500


How did the FreeStore Foodbank get started? What are other ways you can help them?

A Man with a Vision and a Heart to Help

The Freestore Foodbank began in 1971. Its early beginnings come with a story – a man with a heart to help others. Frank Gerson, a worker at Cincinnati’s incinerator, saw useable household items being tossed away. He began collecting those items and distributing them to disadvantaged families.

Early Beginnings

Gerson named his practice the Free Store. He incorporated it as a public charity, quit his job, and opened for business in his apartment.

In 1979, the Free Store became a founding member of Feeding America, evolving into the Freestore Foodbank, and began distributing food to our hungry neighbors.

Today the Freestore Foodbank is one of over 200 food banks within the Feeding America network serving communities across the nation.

The Freestore Foodbank is also a member of:

Meeting a Growing Need

Now under the leadership of Kurt Reiber, the Freestore Foodbank is one of Ohio’s largest food banks, distributing 20 million meals annually through a network of about 260 community partner agencies serving 20 counties in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

Become more familiar with Kurt and our team working each day to help fight hunger and bring hope to those who need it most. Our Board of Directors is leading the way for us to find innovative ways to be self-sustaining in today’s economy.

What the Freestore Foodbank is about

Food is a vehicle for a larger conversation, aimed at helping to create stability and self-reliance for our neighbors.

Our Mission
We provide food and services, create stability, and further self-reliance for people in crisis.

Our Vision
To be the leader of a community mobilized to end hunger and address its causes.

Our Core Values
Commitment: We will not accept hunger.
Compassion: We embrace diversity.
Respect: We are in service with our neighbors.
Empowerment: Those we serve can succeed independently.
Community: We collaborate with others in our region.

Customer Connection Center

When people come to the Freestore Foodbank’s Customer Connection Center, located at 112 East Liberty Street, for food, we also help connect them to additional resources to help create stability. Services made available include:

Mayerson Distribution Center

At the Freestore Foodbank’s Mayerson Distribution Center, located at 1250 Tennessee Avenue in Bond Hill, all food is sorted and distributed to help hungry families and children in our Tri-State area.  The Freestore Foodbank accepts donations from canned food drive, government agencies, wholesalers, retailers and produce farmers.

Additional Ways We Help
Using food to create positive solutions for stability, our programs work to eliminate hunger from many angles in the community. Additional programs of the Freestore Foodbank include:
Cincinnati COOKS!
The Giving Fields
Rosenthal Fresh Food Initiative
Power Pack
Kids Cafe

A Blueprint to Fight Hunger
With a growing need in the community, the Freestore Foodbank has a goal to fight hunger and support our neighbors by providing:

21.5 million meals in 2016

23.5 million meals in 2018

Our Strategic Plan breaks down how we plan to reach that goal.

How You Can Help
You can join us in helping to make a difference. With every dollar donated, the Freestore Foodbank is able to provide three meals to hungry children and families in the Tri-State area. Your support goes a long way. 95% of donations go directly to programs and services.

As a non-profit, the Freestore Foodbank prides itself in being open and transparent about where our donors’ dollars are going.

Join our Team
Be a part of the fight against hunger by joining our staff. The Freestore Foodbank was named one of the Top Workplaces in 2012.

Additional Information
Our newsletters and Annual Reports provide a more in-depth look at some of the work the Freestore Foodbank is doing in the community.




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