A few kind words from one of our customers.

Dear Sirs,

I am a 47 year old former small computer consulting business owner.  Having wanted more adventure in life, I downsized my expenditures, retired early and am pursuing a writing career.  Last year, wanting to live frugally, my wife and I bought a 2014 Escape S model.

I had often thought I would want a turbo model since I traded in a VW Jetta 5-speed stick with turbo to Walt Sweeney Ford when we purchased a former vehicle, yet we kept it Simple with the base model Escape.  It has OUTPERFORMED my every expectation.  The European performance that pushes every part of your driving experience to the edge while still yielding the control and safety of Sport Utility Vehicle was evident from the start and I continue to be THRILLED by the driving experience of my Escape.  It more than matches the highest performance of my Jetta while exceeding in an overall driving experience that pushes the envelope, and because I can do so much more with my Escape SUV my old Jetta doesn’t even make the field for a sporty drive.

Earning the respect of one’s peers is so important among each of us in American society and my Escape truly earns the admiration I get from my friends.

In fact, I have a business associate who last month traded in his Edge for a Titanium Edition Escape.  I think he half bought out of envy for my drive!  Make no mistake this car turns heads.

Thanks to Tim Sweeney and EVERYONE at WALT SWEENEY FORD in Cincinnati, we got a great deal at a great dealership and we would only shop elsewhere if I were buying a Lincoln MKC which is on my wish list after I write my first book; That is only if it exceeds a top class Escape.

Kind Regards,

David S. Miller

President and sometime writer

Trinity Computer Solutions, LLC

Thank you so much for your kind words! We appreciate your business!

Walt Sweeney

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David – Appreciate you taking time to send a note praising both your new Ford Escape and the experience you have had at Walt Sweeney Ford.  Always fantastic to hear from happy customers!

We are very proud of the new Escape and it’s great to hear that you appreciate the engineering that has gone in to the Escape to make it a wonderful vehicle.  Also happy to hear that Tim and the team are taking good care of your vehicle needs at Walt Sweeney Ford.

Thanks again for the kind note!!


Greg Ruminski  Regional Manager – Sales & Service

Cincinnati Region • Ford Motor Company



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