Haunted Car Wash

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Haunted houses and hayrides might be a tradition around this time of the year, but car washes?

Ford is kicking off the scary season with a truly terrifying prank video. To pull off this Halloween hoax, Ford teamed up with frightening folks at Erebus, the world’s largest haunted house in Pontiac, Michigan. Together, they transformed a local car wash into a twisted tunnel of terror, filled with monsters and zombies.

The victims? A group of unsuspecting test-drivers who were asked to swing by the car wash on their way to an event. One by one, the vehicles entered the building as their oblivious occupants had no idea what was about to happen.

Soon after entering the tunnel, lights cut off, causing drivers and passengers to panic. But that was only the beginning. For the ensuing spine-tingling seconds, bathed in the the disorienting blinks of bright strobe lights, all manner of menacing monsters flung themselves at the vehicles, pounding on doors and windows as the trapped occupants trundled down the conveyor helpless.

Thanks to the video experts at The Work, you too can experience the pulse-pounding panic as our test-drivers come face-to-face with fear amid the Spooky Halloween Car Wash.

Warning, this video is not for the easily anxious.

Want more creepy car wash antics? Check out the Ford Go Further Tumblr for that, and much more.

Looking to get your ride ready for trick-or-treating? Be sure to stop by the Ford Social guide to getting your vehicle into the Halloween season!


Taken from Ford Social Blogs


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